Special Events Manager

Monthly Salary R30000-40000
Food and beverage
Female ,  45
Allow Pay Swop YES
Offer Service/Products NO
Recruiter NO
Contact Method Email
Gender Female
Relationship Married
Ethnicity White
Home Language English
Languages Afrikaans
Drivers License Drivers License
Citizenships South Africa
2 Referees added
Qualification Type High School Certificate
Start Date 1988-01-01
End Date 1992-12-31
Qualification Type Bachelors Degree
Degree Info Bachelor - Commerce
Field of Study Marketing Management
Start Date 2007-01-01
End Date 2016-12-31
Country South Africa
University University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika
Ideal Industry Food and beverage
Ideal Job Special Events Manager
Work Remotely Yes
Will Relocate Maybe
Notice Period Immediately
Ideal Currency ZAR
Salary Frequency Monthly
Salary Required 30000-40000
Computer Skills MS Excel, MS Exchange Server, MS Office XP Publisher, MS Office XP Visio, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Projects, MS Word, SAP Advanced
Artwork • Books • Calligraphy • Drawing • Listening to Music • Movies • Renting movies • Swimming • Wine Tasting
None listed
Company ABI
Industry Food and beverage
Job Special Events Coordinator
Hierarchy Middle
Start Date 2006-06-01
End Date 2015-12-03
Performance Areas
None listed